Pivotal Pedagogy - Online and Off-Campus? Simmons University Library Is Here for You - Shared screen with speaker view
Edie Bresler
What about media available on Amazon? There are several films that could provide great asynchronous material. I don’t have a subscription and I know many students don’t either. Will Simmons purchase some videos?
Saher Selod
I have the same question as Edie. How easy is it to get Simmons to purchase films that we do not have access to? Some of the films I show are on Amazon, Netflix, and PBS.
Vivienne Piroli
Yes Edie, we will purchase streaming media for your courses.
Jason Wood
First Year Lib Guide: https://simmons.libguides.com/c.php?g=1034229&p=7554289
Vivienne Piroli
When purchasing media we just have to be sure it is available for a library license which is different from home versions
Michael Berger
Who do I contact to request streaming media?
Sarah Martin
Great to hear that the library is able to purchase streaming media! How do faculty go about requesting purchases?
Vivienne Piroli
You can use the 'request a purchase form' on the library website. https://www.simmons.edu/library/resources/purchase
Edie Bresler
I was told the library was making videos on how to do general research specifically for students in the Boston Course. Can yo confirm this? How is this different from having a librarian come to class?
Jess Wallis
Yes! I will be doing that. I'm also happy/excited to come to classes. Those will be delving into a bit more specific information topics.
Vivienne Piroli
Yes we do have First Year videos. Having a librarian come to class allows for more tailored instruction.
Jess Wallis
And perhaps workshops/Q&As related directly to research in your classes
Jess Wallis
*Linda and I will be doing those videos for FY students
Michael Berger
Is it still possible to get interlibrary loans (digital articles)?
Vivienne Piroli
Yes. ILL will continue. We are seeing libraries who are not able to fill 'physical' book/material requests at this time but digital/electronic articles are being supplied.
Edie Bresler
Will the library make books available to students?
Vivienne Piroli
Students can request physical items from the collection and we will mail them to their home addresses.
Edie Bresler
Im thinking specifically about the art photography books
Vivienne Piroli
Another option to mailing out items is for us to locate those titles at a library close to their homes.
Edie Bresler
So should faculty recommend students contact the library through the website?
Vivienne Piroli
It is best to use the 'request' feature in the catalog to request an item. They can also use reference@simmons.edu or library@simmons.edu to ask questions about item availability or access at another library.
Michael Berger
If the library purchases a particular media, how do the students link to that media? will the Library send the faculty member a link for students to access online?
Vivienne Piroli
Yes - you will receive confirmation of the purchase and a link which you can embed in your course (Moodle or other). The media are also cataloged and listed in the library catalog.
Edie Bresler
Stacy can you share a link to that resource. That sounds so great!
Stacy Collins, she/her
Here you are! https://utdirect.utexas.edu/apps/libraries/key/nlogon/
Donia Conn
Thank you to our great librarian and archivist!
Daphne Gilles
So helpful, thank you all!